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Exposing Crypto Gambling | The Billion Dollar Industry Preying On Kids

Exposing Crypto Gambling | The Billion Dollar Industry Preying On Kids

Exposing Crypto Gambling | The Billion Dollar Industry Preying On Kids

Twitch gambling has built a billion dollar industry in the grey area of law
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There’s a multi-billion dollar online gambling racket being built right under our noses.It’s made to look like anyone can win big. It’s being pushed on large platforms despite being largely illegal. It’s promoted by some of the largest online influencers. It’s targeted towards underaged minors and young adults.This is the billion dollar industry built on child gambling.

An epidemic has arisen where popular twitch streamers are being paid massive sums of money to play online crypto gambling games.

The issue isn’t the sponsorship in itself. The issues arise in the unclear and unregulated win rates, the conflict of interest built into commission structure, and the primary audience.

Twitch is a live streaming service that has a near monopoly on entertainment streams owning over 90% of the video game streaming market. This has caused Twitch to be THE go-to spot for young people, in fact more than 1 in 5 twitch viewers are between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

Recently popular streamers have begun being paid to promote gambling to their viewers on sites like Roobet and this has stirred up a ton of drama. Let’s explore this deeper.

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  1. I started online gambling around last year when i was seeing crypto casino grow big with these streamers, I’m around 19-20 years old and would lose money left and right and sometime win big but end up losing when I go back to the casino with the winnings. I just recently quit after realizing I’ve lost around $30k in a year, which was all of my money I’ve saved up for working for 4 years. It just feels bad and it shouldn’t be this easy for young adults to lose money like this. Horrible and disgusting

  2. they get 1 mill a month side check from fans loses then handed unlimmited fake cash that they just gamble with and most of that is fed back into casinos and then those wins are from fans loses because these sites would be out of business without them

  3. Gambling is a choice and a child should be educated by their parents to avoid it if they decide to teach it

  4. Gambling without self-control and prior knowledge of side effects can harm your whole life. You will be working against your brain reward system and this is super hard. Especially these Twitch streamers’ fans can be very young and this impact can last for life.

  5. Imagine making this video while shilling a referral link to the most gamified cryptocurrency exchange on earth in your video's description. Pot…meet kettle.

  6. Given that anonymous casinos are a great opportunity to launder money, what is the likelihood that this money is even clean. Here, have $35,000 of dirty money, even if we only earn back $10,000 from it, it will keep the IRS off our backs. How do the streamers account for this money to the IRS in a state where the gambling is illegal? They "won" it illegally or they were given money which they would then have to declare as earnings – if the latter then that's an admission of being paid.
    I also find it very odd that there seem to be very few YT videos tackling the shady practices of online casinos. I'm sure they've been present at some time but interested parties get rid of them.

  7. This is the best video I have seen on this topic so far! It needs to be shared more!! This is an extremely dangerous thing that’s happening.More people commit suicide per capita from gambling addiction then any other addiction.

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