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E531 – CTKS Public Masterclass – MUST knows for crypto bitcoin investors/traders

E531 – CTKS Public Masterclass – MUST knows for crypto bitcoin investors/traders

E531 – CTKS Public Masterclass – MUST knows for crypto bitcoin investors/traders

This special episode takes you through many ways of looking at the crypto market that can help boost your profitability.

Making percentages work for you is critical in being a professional investor/trader (and all investors become traders anytime they buy or sell – so knowing how to do it is important). BORSOG is a powerful rule and allows professionals can make money in any market – Bull (prices up), Bear (prices down), or consolidation (price ranging). Retail traders and investors typically can only make money in Bull markets. Knowing the hidden rules is the difference between professionals (smart money) and retail.

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👉 Rule 4 – Price moves in waves
👉 BORSOG – Buy On Red Sell On Green

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👉 Why Bitcoin is misunderstood

LUNA Rescue plan – v2

Crypto is volatile,
please prepare yourself for the best and worst-case scenarios –
reality will likely be between them.

Stay safe out there.
Take care and see you next time
Bye for now

Disclaimer: Any information shared in this video is for educational purposes and is not to be considered as financial, trading, or investment advice. You must do your own research before making any decisions.

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  1. Thank you Ken 🙏 I absolutely loved the discussion on boundaries and intergrity, so very helpful to me currently.

    10% is 10% no matter what it is 10% off. I anticipate interest in ADA but ultimately for it to follow BTC.

  2. BIG thank you for your dedication and caring for CTKS family in all times, we do really appreciate it 🥰

  3. Thanks Ken 🙏. I think BTC will wobble then up to 36k then back down below current price.
    Ken is a true man of his word and takes his vows seriously. To love and honor his wife for better or for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health 4ever. Love and marriage is great blessing to all of those who find it. We are all very happy for you both. Here's to you Ken and Kate 🥂. Thank you for all of your care and hard work 🙏. Cheers KS family 👋☺️. I appreciate you all so very much.

  4. Trying to decide what a likely ETH support will be if/ when BTC hits $20,000. I went back to Dec15-30, 2020 which is roughly when BTC was $20K last as a starting point. ETH was around $618. That doesn't feel right. If BTC dips 33%, maybe ETH dips more but not that much. What are you guys thinking for your ETH 10-5-10?

  5. It's funny how in the past year btc went up after july and came down in september, up in november and down in december… and then it happened again… would it be the same case in 2022?

  6. Wow! This video is, in and of itself, a Masterclass masterpiece for sure! 🙏🏼 I liked the Peter Schiff tweet you showed. It seems whenever he says Bitcoin is going down, it goes up. Maybe we have a new indicator, the Peter Schiff Indicator 😄 Badger’s comment was, indeed, brilliant! That comment is worth rereading. There are always so many helpful comments from people in this community 🤗 USDC looks a bit odd in the charts. Money must be going into it 🤷🏻‍♀️I hope everyone is doing well. This market changes in a flash. All of the knowledge and wisdom passed through in Ken’s videos and Masterclass has well prepared everyone who has taken them seriously. Thank you, Ken, and all of the very best to everyone 🙏🏼🎉

  7. Handling success and life pullbacks with positive excellence. I love that!
    I truly believe there is more and more of a need to bring positive excellence back into the world, and this is our responsibility, this gives us purpose. Thank you for having me here Ken and the CTKS family.
    Ken mentioned my comment in this videoooo haha I am really happy to see it. I immediately to told my sister and of course she made fun of me haha 😄
    I think watching how Cardano's news influence the price action is a great practice for us to see if there is a correlation.
    Cheers 🍵

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