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Crypto Taxes Explained: Buying, Trading, Swapping, Staking, Rewards, Airdrops, Mining and More…

Crypto Taxes Explained: Buying, Trading, Swapping, Staking, Rewards, Airdrops, Mining and More…

Crypto Taxes Explained: Buying, Trading, Swapping, Staking, Rewards, Airdrops, Mining and More…

This video explains how Crypto taxes work. Whether you bought and sold crypto, got paid in crypto, exchanged one crypto for another, earned rewards, received an airdrop, earned interest, mined crypto, purchased goods or services with crypto or maybe you’re just HODLing, you’re going to want to watch this video because chances are, you have a taxable event that you may need to report on your tax return. You’ll also learn if your crypto taxable event is taxed as ordinary income, short term capital gains, long term capital gains or even self-employment income.

0:00 Intro
03:41 Sold Crypto for cash
05:16 Learn and Trade Crypto on Coinbase
06:10 Paid for goods or services using crypto
08:15 Buying/Converting/Exchanging one crypto with another crypto
09:44 Being paid in Crypto or receiving an Airdrop
11:03 Receiving Crypto rewards such as staking or interest
13:03 Use Celsius to earn 8.50% or more on your Crypto
15:15 Mining Crypto
17:30 Use CryptoTrader.Tax to keep track of your Crypto transactions for tax purposes
19:50 Donating Crypto to a qualified tax-exempt charity
20:22 Buying Crypto with cash and just holding it
21:20 Transferring Crypto between one wallet to another or one exchange to another.
22:15 Ordinary income tax, short-term capital gains and long-term capital gains

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  1. hi Navi thanks for the video super helpful! I purchased a STRONG node token which initially costs 10 Strong as a sunk cost (I can't get this back), and then I receive Strong token rewards over time. Would I be able to deduct the initial cost basis of the 10 Strong from my earnings over time (to do this I would need to file as a sole proprietorship correct?)? I would assume my earnings over time are considered ordinary income with the cost basis of the time I received it, just not sure how to best deduct

  2. You did not cover the how to calculate the sales price of the crypto you "sold" in a swap and the "cost basis" of the crypto you bought in the swap and how the fees are allocated. What you did do is oversimplify a swap and that means people will be paying more taxes than they need to, since the fees are not accounted for in your model.

  3. If a vehicle is required for the use of the business, is the vehicle payment a tax deduction? And, can you depreciate the vehicle while making payments?

  4. what happens if u mainly held for a long period of time but small portion of the profit was received from staking. After I cash out, is the whole thing taxed as normal income or only the staking rewards?

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