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Crypto Scalper Trading WITHOUT Indicators (80% WIN RATE)

Crypto Scalper Trading WITHOUT Indicators (80% WIN RATE)

Crypto Scalper Trading WITHOUT Indicators (80% WIN RATE)

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In this video I will be crypto scalping Bitcoin WITHOUT Indicators, instead I will use the order book from Bybit, Binance and Bitfinex to decide which trades to take.

Trading only based on the order book is one of my favourite ways to scalp. I think it’s good to try and trade based on the order book to get better at that and then combining it with indicators to improve the original strategy.

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Remember that trading with leverage is very risky and you can lose all of the money if something goes wrong. Do your own research and trade at your own risk.


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  1. I haven't spent much time on analysing the order books but it's something I defenately want to learn more on. You should do a video guide on how to read and trade based on order books.

  2. Please can you explain how you got the values (1.005 & 0.996 for long and 0.995 & 1.004 for shorts) for your 0.5% and 0.4% take profit and stoploss ?

  3. Awesome to see you execute those trades! Wonder what you all do while waiting for the entries… Spending a lot of time behind the charts and often missed entries due to just doing something else for a sec. Had to just sit on your hands the whole day haha

  4. Great video and technique !! Just want to give suggestion about your win rate title. I think it will be better, if you gives us 10 times trading / more, because sometimes lower amount of trade, not always give the exact winrate if we do in huge amount of trade. I think you knew about this. Btw, keep up the good work !!

  5. I'd love to know how your win/loss ratio is effected by setting your SL just outside an obvious level of resistance rather than a set percentage. Then set TP to a level that fits your predetermined SL/TP ratio based on what you're calculating on winrateio. Less losses, or recipe for disaster?

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