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Crypto Income Tax and Crypto Capital Gains Tax Guide for the UK 2022

Crypto Income Tax and Crypto Capital Gains Tax Guide for the UK 2022

Crypto Income Tax and Crypto Capital Gains Tax Guide for the UK 2022

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Video for Uk Crypto Trading Tax
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  1. Hi Steve, I live in Australia and have invested through a company in the UK. They have asked me to pay capital gains tax before I can access my account. I thought I would only have to pay capital gains in Australia. Is this legitimate?

  2. Brilliant vid mate. I’ve been dabbling in crypto for 2 years now and this tax issue at the back of my mind has been bugging the hell out of me. Things are a lot clearer now! Thank you!

  3. In the case I make less than 12.000, I don't pay any tax at all? Do I need to declare anything?

  4. Thank you for making this clear and consice video. I've subscribed look forward to watching your other videos.

  5. Would really like info on where to find instructions on how to use spouse’s CGT allowance to complete my self assessment.

  6. Also.. if you pay income tax.. rather than capital gains.. Under HMRC.. you come under one tax bracket

  7. What is my buy price if I buy lots of times in the tax year? total cost divided by volume?

  8. I'm currently about to pay for the $99 tax report from Koinly, I just need to know one thing.. It has my capital gains at Β£40k, but I'm certain i can set losses against that to reduce the cost? If this is possible how do I go about it, do I just buy the report then edit it myself? Sorry to ask a few questions here, just incredibly overwhelmed and need some help.

  9. The dreaded taxes. 😬 Give my crypto to my wife. That’s a worse idea then giving it to the tax man. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ At least I might have two left to rub together. Great video Steve. Thanks for the info on KOINLY. I’ll definitely check them out.

  10. The effort you put in all this is amazing. Thanks for everything you do Steve. I'm not from the UK but still…

  11. Thanks Steve. I guess for those Down Under, we can use this as a guide. Finding Accountants that have the answers is the issue.
    I still can't wrap my head around self declaration tho…… and how tax implications will be identified in a DeFi future world.

  12. Any recommendations on taxes and NFT's? I've made pretty big lossess on lots of them but that isnt taken into account when i run my figures through Koinly. Therefore my tax bill seems to be higher than it should be and I will likely be double taxed on them. Taxed on the money used to buy them plus taxed when i dispose of them

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