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Crypto Friendly Banks (Portugal vs UAE vs Other Countries)

Crypto Friendly Banks (Portugal vs UAE vs Other Countries)

Crypto Friendly Banks (Portugal vs UAE vs Other Countries)

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Today we are talking about crypto-friendly banks. We’ll compare Dubai, Portugal, and some other countries.

Where should I bank for crypto? Which countries are crypto-friendly? Which banks are crypto-friendly? These are the questions that I get very often.

How’s the situation in Dubai banks? Are they open to accepting crypto money? Is Portugal better in that regard?
Here we are covering what you need to know about crypto banking, and which country should you go to.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. What USA banks can open corporate bank account for a non resident usa company? Thank you and really a great video 👍

  2. I didn't understand why business accounts in Portugal wasn't a good idea. Also I would have liked some names of banks in Portugal

  3. Hi Michael! Thanks for the video… I have a question and I know is not a financial advice but I need to understand. If you are a crypto investor and you decide to move from Canada… Is it true that you have to Deem Dispose all your crypto assets? Even if they are in your Digital Wallets as unrealized gains?

    Thank you again and hope someone can help with an answer!

  4. Hello anyone from ASEAN countries? What would be the best options for people from Asian countries?

  5. When you say for personal banking in Portugal, what amount are we talking? Can you withdraw 50k, 100k, 500k to your account? And which banks in portugal are the most crypto friendly?

  6. Thought you were about to say Andorra at 4.00 Michael. Thank you for another very different and interesting video.

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