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Crypto 101 Essentials for Beginners in Singapore

Crypto 101 Essentials for Beginners in Singapore

Crypto 101 Essentials for Beginners in Singapore

“I don’t understand Cryptocurrency, it’s so confusing!” – Is this you?

19:30 – Why should you care about Crypto?
23:56 – What are the biggest risks with Crypto?
29:47 – Who is Crypto for? (Or not for)
34:13 – Where is the easiest place to get some Crypto?
43:54 – When should you buy Crypto (DCA vs Lump Sum)?
48:39 – How to go deeper into Crypto?

In our new “Crypto 101 Essentials” SeedlyTV series, we’re here to help you understand Cryptocurrency better as a beginner.

In our first episode, we’ll discuss:
🔹 Should you care about Cryptocurrency? Is this even legit?
🔹 BTC vs ETH, what are the differences between the two? History, risks and usage
🔹 Which is the best and easiest for beginners to start with?
🔹 What strategy should you adopt? Monthly contributions or Lump sum?
🔹 Where the Crypto future is headed towards for Singapore

🎁 Here’s the BEST part: We’ll be giving away 0 worth of BTC to 1 lucky winner during the show! Tune in to find out how 😱

📅 Thursday, 26 Aug 2021
⏰ 8pm

👨 Kenneth Lou, Co-founder & CEO of Seedly
👨 Eugene Ng, Head of Business Development at Gemini in Asia Pacific
👨 Shaun Heng, VP of Growth and Operations at CoinMarketCap
👨 Rohith Murthy, Group General Manager of Hyphen Group
👨 He Ruiming, Co-Founder of The Woke Salaryman


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