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Create an NFT Sports Card – Part 1

Create an NFT Sports Card – Part 1

Create an NFT Sports Card – Part 1

Learn how to make a sports card NFT. Download project files:

πŸ”‘ Part 2:

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πŸ”‘ My Drawing Tablets:
Wacom Intuos (Small/Non-Wireless)​

Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium) 0​

πŸ”‘ My PC Specs:

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  1. thank you for this tutorial! I'm having an issue with saber in that it's not showing up any visuals for me. when you select it, it automatically shows that blue straight line, but all I see are the end points as if it's transparent. do you by any chance know why that might be? thanks in advance!

  2. Hi. I need to create a sports nft card. my IT skills are not to good. Do you create for people and how much if you do? cheers

  3. The way u use presets to create compositions drives me fucking nuts. JUST SAY THE RESOLUTIONNNNN. It's so hard to follow that way

  4. Does anyone how to then autogenerate this to swap images ? And colours ? To make a collections of say 10k? Within AF

  5. Great video. However only my outlines move when orbitting my background and character are still what have i done wrong? any ideas?

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