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Chase’s NEW STRICT Application Rules EXPLAINED

Chase’s NEW STRICT Application Rules EXPLAINED

Chase’s NEW STRICT Application Rules EXPLAINED

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  1. Data point. Player 2 just applied and was approved for Freedom Flex 6/6/22, within the past year she's also applied and been approved for CSP and already had the Freedom Unlimited. So that's 3 UR earning cards.

  2. I am planning on getting two IHG cards
    The business ihg and one of the personal ones.
    Going to be flying multiple times a week.
    The reason why I want both cards.
    Is I like to have all of their protections travel protection purchase protection xcetera.
    And we would be putting a lot of spend on each card well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    My main concern with all this new language does it mean can you have two IHG cards simultaneously
    If I can apply for both they will be my first and second very first Chase card

  3. Basically they want to cut down on people using welcome bonuses only.

    I do tend to use my cards at least once every 3 months so they don’t close them. All my cards, not just Chase.

  4. I will never forget how Chase closed down my account in April of 2020, basically when Covid pandemic begun. Account was opened for 5 years, never missed payments, though I did make many payments in one cycle, they probably thought I was going to bust out the card and flee somewhere. STILL closing my account was wrong, I filed a complaint with the CFPB, a Chase rep reached out and reopened my account. I still have the card but I will never trust Chase again.

  5. Who the hell needs chase. The CC market is so competitive and diverse these days. They're irrelevant in my book.

  6. I got flamed a few months ago for saying that I will never be a Chase client. I wonder how are they feeling now 🤷🏻‍♂

  7. I use every credit card I posses at the very least once per month just because I’m very mindful of not pissing off the banks so most of this will have no effect on me.

  8. I was going to close all my Chase cards after 3 month, but if they're going to be like this, I'm closing them now, after 2 months!

  9. I'm not a credit card churner & never have been. I was never going to get any Hyatt card, or IHG card or any of the airline cards from Chase. I already have the Chase Sapphire Preferred & I'm 0/24. All I wanted to do is complete the Chase quadfecta (Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Freedom Unlimited & at least one Chase Business Ink card) before moving to the Amex quadfecta. Will this new language affect me being able to do that?

  10. I usually don't stand with these companies, but it makes sense, you apply for a card with an annual fee, you might as well get what you paid for and use it a lot. I plan to use it for at least 2 years and then decide if I want to cancel it at 3 years, I can do so and my MR points should be safe since I have Amex EveryDay card. That's what I'm doing with my Green Card and using it a lot. I'm using it a lot and will do so even after meeting the minimum spend which I'm half way on my spending requirement on the Green card. Chase, I have a Freedom Unlimited opened 11 months and I plan to keep it and its my longest account. My only account that this rule would apply to is my Chase Amazon Prime Account opned back on December 30, 2021 even though its co-branded and not included in the terms that I know of, but you never know if Amazon and Chase would claw back my cash back earnings. Both my Chase cards are no annual fee accounts and I might as well also keep them since Chase is also my bank. I don't want to damage the relationship with my bank and especially with Amex. I hope Chase would let me get the Freedom Flex next. I look at Chase and especially Amex in the credit card game to be extremely prestigious

  11. I don’t see the issue with having a sock drawer card as long as you’re paying the annual fee each year… I would imagine this causes chase to lose some customers unfortunately

  12. Thank you for a great explanation! I found this a lot more clear and re-assuring the way you discussed things compared to other similar channels

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