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Charltons Crypto Regulation in Hong Kong Webinar 3 | 22 January 2021

Charltons Crypto Regulation in Hong Kong Webinar 3 | 22 January 2021

Charltons Crypto Regulation in Hong Kong Webinar 3 | 22 January 2021

Charltons’ #Webinar 3 concludes an analysis of Hong Kong’s domestic #regulation of #cryptocurrencies and related activities, laying out the regulatory scope of Hong Kong’s SFC and guiding participants through various Hong Kong SFC statements and Hong Kong regulatory frameworks that comprise the various applicable regulations in Hong Kong

This is the third of a 7 part webinar series, please register here to join Charltons for the online forum on Crypto Regulation in Hong Kong:

The further four webinars of one hour each, are as follows:
Webinar IV: 5 – 6 pm, 29 Jan 2021
Webinar V: 5 – 6 pm, 05 Feb 2021
Webinar VI: 5 – 6 pm, 19 Feb 2021
Webinar VII: 5 – 6 pm, 26 Feb 2021
All times are Hong Kong time

Webinar IV will then consider the future of cryptocurrency regulation in Hong Kong and what path may be taken.

Webinars V, VI and VII will then open up to a comparative analysis of cryptocurrency regulation in a range of jurisdictions around the world, including Mainland China, Japan, Australia, US, UK, Malta and Gibraltar drawing comparison to the laws and regulations in Hong Kong and the differences and similarities.

Webinar VII will finally conclude with a discussion and analysis of recent developments in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency regulation as they pertain to Hong Kong.

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Julia Charlton

00:00 Start Webinar
00:48 ICOs
02:16 Definition of a CIS
03:36 ICOs in Hong Kong
06:08 Security token offerings
10:16 What does the SFC consider to be a security token?
12:09 Structured products
14:16 Regulated investment agreements
15:02 Regulatory implications of STOs being securities
16:31 Licensing requirements for intermediaries
17:10 Conduct requirements for licensed intermediaries
18:16 Complex products
19:07 Intermediaries DD obligations
20:56 Shortcomings of SFC regulatory approach
23:46 Framework for regulation of VA platform operators
27:24 Licesing conditions
29:26 Trust structure
30:57 Hot and cold wallet storage
32:56 KYC requirements for crypto exchanges
34:05 AML/CFT requirements
35:06 Prevention of market manipulation and abusive activities
35:51 Accounting and auditing requirements
36:05 Risk management and conflict of interest identification
37:05 Cryptocurrencies for trading
39:09 Virtual asset futures and CME and CBOE bitcoin futures
40:37 FSTB proposals
42:27 Scope of regulated activity of operating a virtual asset exchange
44:59 Virtual asset exchange – licensing requirements
47:25 Obligations of licensed VA exchanges
49:59 Proposed SFC powers
51:11 End of Webinar

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