Crypto Trading

Can you earn money with automated Cryptocurrency trading bots?!

Can you earn money with automated Cryptocurrency trading bots?!

Can you earn money with automated Cryptocurrency trading bots?!

In today’s video, we explore the possibility to earn money using automated cryptocurrency trading bots.



00:00 – Intro
04:40 – Buying USDT on Binance
06:18 – Create 3Commas Account
07:15 – Connecting 3Commas to Binance
08:20 – DCA Bots Overview
16:25 – Community Bots
18:05 – Grid Bots
18:50 – Outtro

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Video for Automated Crypto Trading Reddit
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  1. Does 3Commas let you view the actual decision making or algorithms of the bots? Or does it just let you choose and you have to trust what you get? I ask because I think a good strategy give Bitcoin's current volatility is making use of altcoin lag. Many altcoins have the same general patterns that Bitcoin does, if Bitcoin moves up, so do the altcoins, and vice versa. However the altcoins always lag behind bitcoin a little so if you see Bitcoin make a strong upwards move then it is very likely the altcoins will as well in a few minutes. Anyways, I figure it'd be nice if 3Commas had a more user friendly way of implementing this strategy as opposed to coding it yourself.

  2. Hey man, great video

    Have you heard about Enecuum? It is a decentralized coin which is circulated in its own improved AMM DEX to make DEX market simpler to enter . Need to hear your opinion

  3. dude you better add humor to your videos. By the way, what do you think of UnoRe (UNO)? Is it worth investing?

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