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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: A Second Look | Ask Shaykh YQ EP 242

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: A Second Look | Ask Shaykh YQ EP 242

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: A Second Look | Ask Shaykh YQ EP 242

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  1. I am disappointed in Yadira Qadhi. He is delving into a subject he has no understanding, anything without intrinsic value cannot be halal money.

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  3. Washing such gambling with words like democratic?.Such a sad reality to listen this from mouth of a sheikh. American dollar has an imaginary value yes but it backed at any point by American natural resources, human resources, and military power to ensure that value given is sustained. A promise that one dollar valued at a certain level will provide you a kilo of flour etc. Cryptocurrencies rely on how many people are speculating and gambling on its value at a certain piont. So are stocks. Abstracted shares of something real or physical(work products and human labor). Sold to the online third parties who have no right of ownership because they have no intrerest in responsibility to the workers. Then people trade as well as gamble on these stocks. You wash this as halal. Something like bitcoin that is backed by nothing more than amount of people ready to speculate on it is obviously haram. It is a currency designed not to democratize the economy or give people freedom. They are designed to become bonafide black money and washing bank for all haram and mafia money in the world. A hoarding currency for tax evaders. Unregulated and espcially designed to evade online checks on money laundering and fake inflations in value this is no tool for justice. It is a sadness you use words like justice and democracy around it. How do you determine zakat on such assetts sheikh? . You seem to have a personal belief in bitcoin in particular. Muslims should not be participating in perpetuating the new ways devised by the modern day robbers. Your reasoning is as good as Mark Zuckerberg stating how his metaverse is going to liberate us from our realities by offering us a virtual one.

  4. You are my favourite scholar. I listen to almost all of your lectures and defend you. I disagree with your opinion here, I don’t think it’s halal. Because of the elephant in the room (that no scholars of modern day talk about) the waste and carbon footprint.

  5. Hahaha. You know your money in the bank does not exist. They just show you numbers.
    When Bank run happens, you're not getting your money out despite what the Numbers tell you.
    Crypto is NOT a Currency. It is an asset class that can be sold for WHATEVER the currency USD GBP etc

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