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BITCOIN CRASH: "THE END OF CRYPTO" (First Time in History)

BITCOIN CRASH: "THE END OF CRYPTO" (First Time in History)

BITCOIN CRASH: "THE END OF CRYPTO" (First Time in History)

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  1. Yes is indeed a full cryptocurrency, but luckily there is a cryptocurrency Crypton, which is a very profitable minefield in the ecosystem Utopia p2p on favorable terms.

  2. what on chain data were you looking at? on chain btc and eth levels haven't seen a good buying opportunity since 2019

  3. Bitcoin crashes then the US economy. The structure of economy that Biddy Boy Biden is wanting to create couldn't support Haiti. Biddy Boy Biden's economy would probably work best in a country like Mexico. Hence, Biddy Boy Biden is asking Mexicans to come to the United States while Biddy Boy Biden hopes more Americans will migrate to Mexico.

  4. I laugh my guts out at all the loosers , serves you good. "First time in history" what a joke it isn't old enough to have a real history.

  5. I used this to learn. I've been in about 2 years. When I got in I believe I bought beef at 800 and I bought Bitcoin at 28 and then I played around with the other cryptocurrencies in trading and s***. As of right now my portfolio is about even with the money that I put in. I'm just going to let it ride. Got money put aside for when I feel it's the bottom. Much smarter investor because of that.

  6. All crypto currencies will spiral down to zero, this was a ponzi skeem using high teck wallet, that is all.

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