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Bitcoin Altcoin Pairs and Fiat Altcoin Pairs Explained – Step By Step Tutorial

Bitcoin Altcoin Pairs and Fiat Altcoin Pairs Explained – Step By Step Tutorial

Bitcoin Altcoin Pairs and Fiat Altcoin Pairs Explained – Step By Step Tutorial

If you’re confused between bitcoin altcoin pairs and fiat altcoin pairs for cryptocurrency trading and you want to know which crypto pair is the better option, watch this video for a clear and simple explanation.

Intro 0:00
BTC or Fiat pairs explained 0:50
ETH USD Pair Example 4:47
ETH BTC Pair Example 6:50
Bitcoin Dominance Explained 9:07

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Video for How Do Crypto Trading Pairs Work
How Do Crypto Trading Pairs Work youtube video content


  1. @Intelligent Cryptocurrency – Dirk Crypto Diggy Just one question. I am assuming there is no time pressure to exit the trade. What I mean is, say you have bought the BTC/ETH pair. I assume you can hold that trade for days/weeks/months/years – until it is a favorable time to sell? I assume you there is no mechanism that forces you to sell because the ratio has changed unfavourably?

  2. @Intelligent Cryptocurrency – Dirk Crypto Diggy I was having trouble understanding the crypto-pairs. Phew. Now I know a little more. Thank you so much for your clear explanation.

  3. I'm confused…I want to increase my ADA or ETH. I have BTC. but I want more alt coins not more BTC.
    What pair do I buy? like literally, what pair do I purchase?

  4. Really well explained man! I have an incredibly stupid question. Why can't I just trade in fiat pairings and then use the profit to buy Bitcoin whenever I want? That way I'm less dependant on Bitcoin and can just worry about the price of my altcoin. I feel dumb. 😅

  5. Thank You for explaining the pairings in detailed Dirk. This is the best video explaining the BTC and USD pairings as you said it all depends on your goals. Thank You once again. Great Video you cleared all my doubts.

  6. TYVM! Excellent explanation! This was confusing to me, now I think I understand it better. Now I just need to figure out a profitable btc > alt > btc rotation strategy. Right now I am far behind the curve, reacting to the market which is not good. Coin selection and timing is critical and there are so many coins to choose from it is confusing for noobs like me, but I see people doing it in Tradingview chat, so I know its possible, I just need to learn how to get in front of the cycles.

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