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Binance CANCELLED! | Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021

Binance CANCELLED! | Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021

Binance CANCELLED! | Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021

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0:00 Binance cancels futures trading in Australia
5:52 FTX
8:34 Bybit
11:12 Kucoin
14:15 Okex
19:30 Downloadable watchlist for TradingView

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Video for Best Crypto Trading Platform Australia
Best Crypto Trading Platform Australia youtube video content


  1. Thanks for the info. You really need to work on the echo. It's bouncing back and making your voice distort.

  2. Hello, Annie! My account was up and running on FTX under 24 hrs. Support ticket was replied to under 6 hrs. I do not agree with you on customer service quality issue.
    At the same time Binance hasn't been able to correct the name on my account FOR A YEAR. Furthermore, Binance has revoked my right to add funds via CC or TT without any explanation. This must be the new standard for "real customer service".

  3. Binance are CROOKS! They stole all my crypto. My account (over $20k) suddenly had a zero balance. Customer Service is useless, they rarely respond and do nothing. These people are complete SCAMMERS. Stay away. ** AVOID AT ALL COST!!!! ***^

  4. Could anyone please tell, future trading is Ban on Binance only or all the exchanges access in Australia.

  5. thanks for the vid love, one thing I'm intrigued by with OKEX is not seeing my SL or TP orders in the open order
    section. I can see them on the screen, but not in my account info section

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