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Best VPN 2022! (do NOT buy a VPN before watching this!)

Best VPN 2022! (do NOT buy a VPN before watching this!)

Best VPN 2022! (do NOT buy a VPN before watching this!)

Best VPN 2022! Try out these VPN services and get the best deal possible:
🦈 SurfShark –
🦡 Mullvad –
🟥 ExpressVPN –

🚨 Affiliate links above, with exception to Mullvad who does NOT offer affiliate programs.

If you are looking for the best VPN to buy in 2022, this is the video for you! Hashoshi breaks down his top 3 VPNs for 2022. This ExpressVPN review, Surfshark review and Mullvad review hit the major pros and cons that cumulatively make each VPN a top option for this year and beyond.

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Taking a Closer Look at Kape Technologies, Crossrider, and Malware

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  1. Kape technologies is Israeli. You guys know the reputation these guys have when it comes to intelligence services and you can assume how much they'll respect your privacy when it gets to that..

  2. Does anyone have suggestions on a vpn where I can have my server on the vpn, but still have local LAN access to the server? I know expressvpn has this feature, I wanted to know if there are any other vpn's with this feature? Many services have split-tunnelling, but if I put the server on split-tunnel, then the IP is exposed. I need the server on vpn, and I need other local network devices to be able to find and have access to the server.

  3. You’re plugging. I use Norton. Actually had to turn it off because I couldn’t tell you how good it is.

  4. I come from Gothenburg where Mullvad is based. I have seen ads for them but thought they were a fringe company. I now pay for their services and they are amazing!

  5. Would setting up a router to use something like NordVPN give added protection to when using ExpressVPN on a connected PC? Will the ExpressVPN connection on the PC be tunneled through the NordVPN connection on the router?

  6. Do NOT Trust NORD VPN. They double billed our VISA without authorization and partially stiffed us on the refund that we finally got them to pay There are no consumer protections from this Panama headquartered company.

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