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Best Trading Signals On Telegram +11,26 PIPS 90% Accuracy – Trading With Multiple Frames 1M To 4H

Best Trading Signals On Telegram +11,26 PIPS 90% Accuracy – Trading With Multiple Frames 1M To 4H

Best Trading Signals On Telegram +11,26 PIPS 90% Accuracy – Trading With Multiple Frames 1M To 4H

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  1. There are many bots in the comments that are luring you to subscribe to their channels to defraud you, I have deleted and blocked many of them but they do not stop, please be careful.

  2. I learnt to manage my money through bitcoin investments and it really works for me. They say money can't buy happiness but poverty can't buy anything.

  3. Hi. Your trade signal for the most recent GBPUSD crossed the stop loss, but you didn't report this. Do you only report some trade losses and gains?

  4. Please teach your method of Fibonacci in detail please, i learn best by your examples on live charts and i feel like Fibonacci is the key tool for sniper entries. Thank you for being the best signal channel💪❤️

  5. If you can give me your Telegram ID, I have a private conversation with you
    I do not know how to send an email Please give your telegram ID

  6. Hi , i put your channel to the Featured Channels in my YT Trading Backtesting channel together with some other fellow YT traders. It's good to be all together in the trading industry. The more insights we give combined, the better decisions we help people to make. Kudos !! (i'm not a bot as you highlighted at your comment 🙂

  7. HELLO sir do you have strategy for finding a good signal in screener crypto ,? i hear about ndi stratey, can u share with use if you have in future videos pls

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