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Best stock brokers in EU 2021 | Day-trading in EU | Best brokers

Best stock brokers in EU 2021 | Day-trading in EU | Best brokers

Best stock brokers in EU 2021 | Day-trading in EU | Best brokers

In this video I have made a list of the best stock brokers for EU stock traders/investors. There are also some off-shore brokers included. Moreover, you will learn about their regulation, trading commission and provided trading platform.


Want to trade Crypto, Forex, and other CFDs such as commodities and stock indices?
Check out PrimeXBT, to trade more than 70+ markets with your BTC and without KYC.

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Check out XBTfx to trade Crypto, Forex Commodity CFDs, and stock indices with either USDT, DAI, and BTC.
With xbtfx you can also trade on MetaTrader 5, and with their built-in exchange can hodle 13 different coins in your wallet.

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Check out my favorite trading platform, Quantower. This platform offers API-connection to more than 30 exchanges, brokers, data feeds, and prop firms.
The platform has cool features such as Depth of market(latter trading), Orderflow surface(visualizes liquidity), Charting tools, Customizable Windows, Grouping, Workspaces, and much much more.

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And with FTX you get all Quantower features for free.
So check out ftx if you want to trade 300+ Spot-market, 300+ Derivatives-markets, Leveraged tokens, Tokenized stocks(trade stocks 24/7), and Bitcoin options.

Sign up to FTX: (referral)

Check out the biggest crypto exchange, Binance, if you want to trade more than 1000+ Spot-markets and 1000+ Derivatives-markets.
With a crypto credit-card, lending, staking, leveraged tokens, Options, launchpad, and more, Binance is the best exchange for versatile and serious crypto folks.

Sign up to Binance: (referral)
(You can also use Quantower with Binance).


0:12 intro
0:29 Which brokers have been chosen?
0:41 Who regulates these brokers & is your money safe?
0:54 Why off-shore brokers?
1:15 Which trading platforms are provided, and what do they cost?
3:18 What are the commissions?
3:44 Which broker fits me?

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  1. Degiro is alright for investing, but not for day trading. It's ridiculously slow to fill your order. I'm with CMEG now, but commissions are pretty high for a small account.

  2. Hi i using Etoro and i want to change for something more secure and not expensive us well can you recommended one, thank you

  3. PDT applied in interactive broker US and UK, no more PDT in interactive broker Ireland, Luxembourg, and Central Europe,

  4. no matter what you do please do not go to tradezero!!!! they're a scam.. i been with them since 2015! their platform always crashes like yesterday i lost 16k cuz i couldn't close the trade in time at market going to sign up with alaric trader..this is how i came across this video in the 1st place!

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