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Best Crypto Trading Platform | Mayex Crypto

Best Crypto Trading Platform | Mayex Crypto

Best Crypto Trading Platform | Mayex Crypto

Best Crypto Trading Platform | Mayex Crypto

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Welcome to our Best Crypto Trading Platform Video!

Founded by 7 former Binance executives, Mayex comes with the mission of providing a safer, more profitable, and competitive trading service to the clients.

Mayex is a Competitive Crypto Trading Platform. In Mayex you can enjoy free spot trading, Derivatives trading use leverage up to 125x with commission as low as 0.01%.

Powerful Trading Engine

The new-generation matching engine developed based on Binance’s experience supports non-stop hot updates, multi-level risk control, and can execute up to 400,000 orders per second.

Strongest Wallet Security

Each user is assigned an independent wallet address, key is stored in a multi-level encrypted offline environment. every transaction is signed offline.

Huge Venture Fund

We injected 200 BTC into the venture fund on the first day of establishment to deal with users’ exposure to extreme market conditions.

24 / 7 Support Team

Experienced customer service team provides 24 * 7 online service, You can even give direct feedback to our CEO directly on LinkedIn

When Mayex was established, it was determined to be a subversive of traditional exchanges. Mayex’s vision is to make every transaction more profitable and become the most competitive crypto trading platform. To this end, Mayex is completely free for spot trading, and the derivatives trading rate is as low as 0.01%. The team redesigned the entire trading engine based on the experience of โ€œthe Binanceโ€ , it supports non-stop hot updates and multi-level risk control. Test results show that the new engine can support 400K orders per second.

John Davis, one of the co-founders of the Mayex, joined Binance as a technology executive after more than six years of quantitative trading. He mentioned:

โ€œThe whole crypto trading industry is quite suitable for high frequency trading. However, the cost of crypto trading is too high. Our goal is to allow users in this industry to enjoy faster, safer and lower-cost trading.โ€

They shared these ideas with their former colleagues and they all decided to work together to create a new trading platform to make it happen, and they have done it.

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