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Best Crypto Futures Trading Platforms for Day Trading Crypto

Best Crypto Futures Trading Platforms for Day Trading Crypto

Best Crypto Futures Trading Platforms for Day Trading Crypto

Best crypto futures trading exchanges – day trading crypt platforms

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2:11 Deposit bonuses
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5:30 Withdrawals
6:44 Best crypto futures trading platforms comparison

Binance futures:
Bybit futures:
FTX futures:
KuCoin futures:
Day trading course:

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  1. I’m in States ,,, need an exchange that I can deposit/ withdraw ( fiat) and can short as well ,,, I do anywhere from 5-15 trades per month. Any idea ?

  2. "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." –David Brinkley

  3. "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." –Bruce Lee

  4. It <makes sense, BTC and crypto is off helping to regulate, rather than pretend it won't ever happen. The big institutions getting in is the catalyst that will launch us into the stratosphere. Most people don't like change but after the change is made they grow used to it and it becomes a non issue usually because their fears never materialize. And benefits they were unaware with before turn out to be far more beneficial. Few if any rug pulls. The projects that initiated the process of regulation have not been ruined, they got involved in setting guidelines and helping the regulators understand the crypto space. I’d get involved more knowing that I have made over 16` btc from day-trade with Marcella Alice Crypto in few weeks

  5. Tks consider making a video how to play on the trading view like on kucoin i dont have a clue what all this buttons do

  6. .If you have any crypto currency in Coinbase you better get it out of Coinbase while you still can.
    Last week the CFO and CBO sold all their stock on Coinbase.
    They are going to shut down Coinbase

  7. <Always good to hear your logical analysis. Definitely seeing more downside potential in the short term,bitcoin is not hitting 100k this year unless things go back to the way it was early in 2021. Thanks to Brian Wang for his amazing skills for helping me earn 10 Btc from 3.5 Btc through trading chart. Great TA as always>

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