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BEST Crypto Exchange You Never Heard of (NO GAS FEES!)

BEST Crypto Exchange You Never Heard of (NO GAS FEES!)

BEST Crypto Exchange You Never Heard of (NO GAS FEES!)

Could this be the crypto exchange we have been waiting for? That’s what some people are saying. Imagine a world, where you can trade crypto on Uniswap with absolutely no gas fees. That probably got your attention. Especially if you are a true Uniswap degen looking to profit on quick flips. Find out today why this new crypto exchange has big moon potential and could possibly become the main hub of decentralized finance.

Today’s featured crypto project is a Hybrid Decentralized Exchange called ZeeDex. It aims to solve a major trading problem: high Ethereum gas fees. By using ZeeDex, you can reduce gas fees and stake tokens from multiple projects. I’ll give you my full ZeeDex review and discuss the potential of the ZDEX token.

0:00 Intro
1:29 ZeeDex
2:05 ZDEX Token
2:16 Hybrid Decentralized Exchange
3:40 ZeeDex Staking
4:17 Zero Gas Fees
5:51 Launch Date
6:12 TestNet

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Video for Zero Fee Crypto Trading
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  1. Bro this is.blowing up. Another hell of a call. Time for a refresh on this one. Keep this up man. YouDaMan

  2. Hey Ben! Big fan your your vids 👍🏻 I’m having issues with Binance all of a sudden being a US citizen 🙄🙄 Can you do a video on the safest, easiest to use index for US citizens?? I’m tired of having to move my coins from index to index. Not sure if you will see this comment but thanks for sharing your knowledge 💜

  3. Usually when a project goes mainnet it pumps, at least briefly, but zdex tanked the minute it went live, and just kept sinking.

    The process of moving everything over to the bsc is also really convoluted, even if you already have a Binance account, and the final step is currently broken (the so called "bridge" that swaps between erc20 and bep2).

    Right now it's 50/50 if this thing will just die, or just slowly crawl back up to the resistance line, but in either case I'm done.

    This one's a dud.

  4. Can you make a video of Mana decentraland.. it is a very intriguing project I would like to know more about it. thanks great Channel

  5. XVS Ben! XVS…please..24th of November mainnet..please..5000 people are waiting for ur video..please🙌🏻

  6. Hive has had zero fees and instant transactions with smart contract capability for over 4 years…

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