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Beginners Guide To Multiple Time Frame Analysis In Forex Trading, Stocks, Bitcoin

Beginners Guide To Multiple Time Frame Analysis In Forex Trading, Stocks, Bitcoin

Beginners Guide To Multiple Time Frame Analysis In Forex Trading, Stocks, Bitcoin

This video is a beginners guide to multiple time frame analysis in Forex trading, stocks, Bitcoin or any other financial market that you can access to multiple time frames on the price chart. Multiple timeframe analysis is one of the most important trading methods that traders must understand and learn how to effectively apply multiple time frame trading strategy in their trading system. In this video first, the difference between different time frames is explained and it’s shown how multiple time frames can affect your trading strategy, and next it’s shown how you can correctly choose multiple time frames for analysis based on your trading style, so that you can use them effectively in your multiple time frame trading strategy. And finally it’s explained how to analyze multiple time frames, and how we can use multiple time frames as a trading strategy.
Multiple time frame analysis can be applied to all markets where we have access to multiple time frames, and many traders use multiple time frame analysis in Forex, stock market, Crypto market, etc., and all kinds of traders can apply multiple time frame analysis in their trading system, for example multiple time frame trading strategy in day trading, scalping, swing trading, and even long-term trading is very common, and many of the professional traders of any trading style use multiple time frame analysis effectively in their trading system.



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  1. i have 2 questions:
    1 on the multichart analysis let's say i'm a swing trader and trade on a 4h timeframe if the ratio is 6 it's 1D for the higher one and 40 mins for the lower one do we replace it with the 1h one despite not respecting the ratio?
    2 following the same timeframes what is the scale we zoom out for each one to get the most accurate results i randomly zoom out and was wondering if there is an optimal zoomout scale? thank you

  2. Please can you help me. I am a swing trader. How do I get my two other time frames when my medium time frame is 4 hours

  3. I love you for the best teaching in all of your videos .All of them are very complete & benefit for all traders . thank you so much.

  4. now I have a question my main time frame is 1h. when do I enter the market?According to 15 m choose short trade & 4 h long trade,isn't right?

  5. An excellent comprehensive video, I use multiple time frames but never this way. Will follow your valuable suggestion. Thank you.

  6. Brother Soheil. Thanks very much for ur efforts. In the last 1week+, I have watched all and still repeating some. I started my trade on binance futures trades today employing the immense tools u have equipped me with. Traded 3x. My first was a $10 profit. 6hrs & 8hrs later, I repeated with a net loss of $3. I realised the mistakes which might led to d loss. The time frames was wrong. I had since returned to this video to take corrections.
    Pls advice me; how many trades shld I do in a day? I now realize that I am a scalper instead of a day trader. What's the correct TF, 1m, 5m & 15m? Shld this TF be correct, I'm finding it too short/fast to make meaning. Pls advice

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