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Attention Bitcoin Holders: LARGEST MOVE OF THE YEAR ABOUT TO HAPPEN (Get Ready)

Attention Bitcoin Holders: LARGEST MOVE OF THE YEAR ABOUT TO HAPPEN (Get Ready)

Attention Bitcoin Holders: LARGEST MOVE OF THE YEAR ABOUT TO HAPPEN (Get Ready)

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Attention Bitcoin Holders: LARGEST MOVE OF THE YEAR ABOUT TO HAPPEN (Get Ready)

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0:00 Intro
1:50 Price Action
3:06 2019
3:39 63% Crash
4:06 470% Rally
6:16 Stochastic RSI
6:56 Fakeout Rally
7:20 Gaussian Channel
9:34 Golden Zone
12:02 Main Level
12:40 Leg Down

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  1. I'm the proof that the courses helps to financial freedom! It not only helped me but also my family! Best investment was in my self, to learn and trying to master the details in the course

  2. Steve have you noticed when ever line dips in red majority of the time it came out white… And when ever diped in white came out red.. check it..

  3. It's really refreshing to find someone like this, to know there's still good people in this crazy world.

  4. I've been watching Steve for over a year now, if I took his advice I'd be well up in my investment. Did I take his advice…no, I let my emotions and greed take the better of me and now down 95%. He has been bang on with his predictions and i'll be buying the course tonight. Well done Steve for not being one of the moonboys, you're the only person that knows his shit on youtube when it comes to crypto.

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