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ANTONIA GERMAN IS #SCAMMER #bitcoin #crypto #trading #investment

ANTONIA GERMAN IS #SCAMMER #bitcoin #crypto #trading #investment

ANTONIA GERMAN IS #SCAMMER #bitcoin #crypto #trading #investment



πŸ‘‰Her Company :


πŸ‘‰Here are my investment plans and potential earnings in just 2 days of trading below:
5000β‚± earn 75,230β‚±
10,000β‚± earn 157,000β‚±
15,000β‚± earn 232,000β‚±
20,000β‚± earn 314,000β‚±
25,000β‚± earn 382,000β‚±
30,000β‚± earn 507,000β‚±
35,000β‚± earn 580,000β‚±
40,000β‚± earn 625,000β‚±
45,000β‚± earn 730,000β‚±
50,000 β‚± earn 817,000β‚±
100,000β‚± earn 882,000β‚±
200,000β‚± earn 957,000β‚±
300,000β‚± earn 1,063,000β‚±
So I would like to know your intending investment capital you wish to start with?

πŸ‘‰My first trasfer: β‚±5,000 she said that is for Company percentage

πŸ‘‰My second transfer: β‚±15,000
she said that minus 20%
for what your earned.
the money can’t be deducted
from your profit because
the company doesn’t deduct
money from investor profit.

πŸ‘‰Anthonia German: you know you will be depositing %20 of your profit and send to the company firstly before withdrawal??

πŸ‘‰3rd β‚±10,000/0
The machine drop an information concerning the sending of your profit

πŸ‘‰Antonia German: your account has been process for withdrawal to the stated GCASH details below

We are glad to inform you that we would commence currency conversion to PHP WHICH WOULD RATE 0 in the next 22 hours.

This conversion RATE payment is to be made to the company wallet address within the time rate stated below.To avoid changes

Thanks for trading with us

πŸ‘‰Gcash wallet and coinsph wallet have upgraded earlier this year that’s why it need to convert to USD before it can able to accept your profit
rather pay the 10k pesos then enable withdrawal on your trade account

πŸ‘‰Accompliceship/Kasabwat (for GCASH TRASFER RECIEVER)

Please read and follow carefully my instructions *Send receipt with note “PAYMENT FOR BITCOIN” *Gcash to Gcash only is free of service charge *GCash number:
*Name: Ma Kharla R. *

πŸ‘‰Kindly send the payment thru GCASH: 09776264105 (Helen B) After payment, kindly send screenshot / picture of the Payment as Proof. Thank you.

πŸ‘‰Name: Normaniy F
Gcash#: 09562391167
note this as Payment for Bitcoin
GCash to Gcash

πŸ‘‰John Benedict P
Note: Payment for Bitcoin
Show a screenshot that you put a note: Payment for Bitcoin

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  1. OMG. to hell with this scammers. There’s a recovery expert out there in the United States who can get back you money from scammers. I don’t know how he does it but he just got mine back. 8,379$ returned 😊😊

  2. Ganda ng ngiti ni ate scammer ah, wagas., sguro sa mga taong na scam nya yng gamit nyang pang bakasyon.

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