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A little trick I use to save on commissions with Questrade

A little trick I use to save on commissions with Questrade

A little trick I use to save on commissions with Questrade

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  1. Hey Shihab, are you in Canada? If so, are you aware if we can deduct the cost of trade commissions from our capital gains income for CRA tax reporting purposes?

  2. Correct me If I'm wrong but you only need to pay commission on the order that was "executed". In this case, although you have 2 legs, only one of the legs were executed. You didn't actually save any money. If you were to do this manually, you would be creating two separate put orders.. one of which is executed, and the other one that is canceled at no cost.

  3. Can you please make a video how to use bracket order in Questrade or how to set stop loss same time with sending the order without manually set stop loss again.

  4. I say switch to IBKR Canada. Options are 1.25 per option. Not that crappy 9.95+1.25 per option .

    We Canadians need to stop getting screwed. I'm not an active trader so it's not worth it for me.

    I hope Tastywork come to Canada soon..

  5. So if we keep rolling contracts ie Closing previous position and opening new position in that same trade order; you'll only get charged the fixed price once? Right? 🤔

  6. I am a little bit confused , to become an 'active trader' and paying only 4.95 + 0.75 per contract , do i have to pay 89.95 USD every month (US Data package) ? thanks for your answers !

  7. Hi Shihab just wondering will you be able to get your $89 package back through the >$400 monthly commission?

  8. and I believe we can use the same concept for opening two different vertical spread just like how you close two vertical spread together?

  9. When you get active trading account, does it activate right away, beginning of the month or middle of the month when statements are printed. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

  10. Is there a way to view returns in % on your portfolio/accounts in questrade? Like ytd or last year or sth like that

  11. Hi Shihab , I am new in trading and options really confuse me . But my question is sth else . Why don’t you use the margin power on your Questrade. If you are gaining like 16 percent per two weeks then margin power will add your power to add more contracts since the rate is not that much that you gain.

  12. That's crazy I don't know what any of that means but I watched the hole thing 😂

  13. If straddle is hard to digest, start with condor first and after a couple of wins (if any!!) you might transition into straddle

  14. another trick i found is on etf covered call if you want to share (works when you dont pay for active trader fees.. cant tell if paying since im not)
    …. Lets say you want to open a covered call position on an ETF its better to buy the etf and after sell the call in 2 separate transaction. If you buy in 1 transaction its 15$ fees and in 2 transaction its 10$ fees!!
    the etf transaction is free since buying etf is free on questrade and selling the call is 10$. i guess when you open position in 1 transaction (etf+call) you dont get the free etf buying and they charge you the 5$ as if it was a stock purchase.

  15. I have been following the channel for sometime now. I have been profitable as well. As for rolling the trade, its easier to do so in IQ Edge. In recent days, i have been trying to use IQ Edge primarily and i am getting comfortable with it.

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