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6 Reasons Why I DAY TRADE The FOREX MARKET | Trading Stocks vs Forex by Mindfully Trading

6 Reasons Why I DAY TRADE The FOREX MARKET | Trading Stocks vs Forex by Mindfully Trading

6 Reasons Why I DAY TRADE The FOREX MARKET  | Trading Stocks vs Forex by Mindfully Trading

Not sure about trading stocks vs forex? This video shares 6 reasons why I have switched from day trading the US stock market, to day trading the forex market.

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As a beginner trader, I have been in the world of trading the stock market for only a few years and I love it. Previously a Warrior Trading student, I carried out the Pro class with Warrior Trading, and I focused on learning to day trade penny stocks, aka small caps stocks.

This video shares my personal day trading journey and why I have switched from day trading the US stock market, to trading the forex market.

In this video, I share 6 reasons why I have decided to day trade the forex market, and why I feel that it is more accessible for a beginner trader, to day trade the forex market.


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I will create some further videos about trading including;

– Day trade strategies
– Trading tools & software
– Trading chart patterns

As well as other videos on entrepreneurship and motivation.

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  1. Not sure what Trade Zero is smoking but in 2022, fee's should not exist! Brokers are already earning on the spread.. In the US, if your a broker and charging stupid fees, you aren't going to make it!

  2. So you traded a shitty stock broker with an even shittier forex broker? Oanda is shit. Saying that spread does not matter is dumb. It is one of the most mattering aspects. Oanda has high spread.

  3. I am mesmerized by the eloquence and tranquility of your elocution.
    May I take your hand in marriage, fair maiden?

  4. great video, I used to trade stocks and soo very happy I switched to forex. the forex market is soo liquid, you will never have issues buying or selling trades, soo quick! by the way, are you using tradingview to trade? oanda has access to tradingview for trading platform, it's great to do chart analysis AND trading in the same platform.

  5. Trade zero are a bunch of thieves withdrawal fees do me a favor,trade net and colmex are the best for stocks

  6. This is really a great video, but as for me I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs. Johnson Janet, her trading strategies are top notch

  7. Yeah! You can grow very little money with Forex. And get more leverage. Only use more when you trade well though.

  8. Hi Emily, Thanks for the content… With new software like TD Ameritrade/schwab or others and free commissions, do you still believe forex is still best option?

  9. Great a newbie to the forex world can you advise if I trade forex through oanda do I need to pay tax on any winnings.i am based in England

  10. I gave up on the stock market after covid. The stock markets have kept going up & up, contrary to any sane logic lol. I don't understand this.

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