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3 Ways to Pay ZERO Taxes on Crypto (LEGALLY)

3 Ways to Pay ZERO Taxes on Crypto (LEGALLY)

3 Ways to Pay ZERO Taxes on Crypto (LEGALLY)

3 Ways to Pay ZERO Taxes on Crypto (LEGALLY)

As per Budget 2022 – Income from transfer of crypto will be taxed at 30%. No deductions will be allowed except the cost of acquisition of digital assets. Loss on sale of digital assets cannot be set off against any other income & TDS at 1% will be levied above the threshold.

Under this pretext, how does one save taxes on Cryptocurrency Gains? In this video we have explained 3 really simple ways to save taxes on Crypto Gains – and yes all of these are completely LEGAL


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  1. Aap ne 30%tax crypto wallet se bank account me lene pr lagega…aisa bataya jo ki wrong hai…crypto sell krne pr jo aapka profit hoga uss pe 30%tax hai…

  2. Yaar mera investment sirf 5000 ka hain vo bhi mere pocket money se Kiya hu me student hu kiya Meko v income tax pay krna pdega kiya???

  3. She is just insane. Don't listen to her. Tax will be levied on an event which is transfer of VDA. Not when the money is remitted back to bank account. This is just an outcome of Engineer giving faaltu gyaan on Tax matters.

  4. C Ho kya? TDS alag se nhi lgta… Jo tax bnta h.. whi as a tds kat jaata h.. gyaan pelne se phle gyaan ko smj lo.

  5. No offset in crypto 🤣🤣 koi ise batao kaisi kaisi galat fehmiya hai ise… Channel should be named as "Galatfehmiya" 🤣🤣

  6. May chala estonia 🇪🇪 crypto sell karnay tax free😎 Oor USDT ko US dollar me convert karnay.

  7. Hello mam.. What if I buy crypto with different currency of any other country and sell it in INR???

  8. Mam if we are keeping it for long run only 1 trade of buying then no need for tax only when I sell ???????

  9. Wrong information. You can set losses of same kind of BTc with btc but not with eth…don't give false information

  10. What if convert any crypto currency profit in USDT and then sale can we should pay 30% tax on this situation

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