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3 Best Crypto ETFs in 2022 [Maximize Crypto Profits]

3 Best Crypto ETFs in 2022 [Maximize Crypto Profits]

3 Best Crypto ETFs in 2022 [Maximize Crypto Profits]

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In this video I break down the best spot crypto ETFs that are on the market right now. I also discuss the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrency via ETFs like these AND I show how investing in crypto ETFs through a tax-free account can help maximize crypto profits.

Bitcoin ETF:
Ethereum ETF:
Multi-Crypto ETF:
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  1. Great advice 🙏. Which other Non crypto ETF would you invest to compensate crypto volatility and have a simple strong power trio ?

  2. Dude! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!!!! John Tyler Willimason of Optimized Portfolio also listed the Galaxy Bitcoin ETF in his list of best bitcoin and Crypto ETFs, although his list is missing the Ethereum ETF. Thank you for mentioning it as well. This is such a perfect solution for the difficulties and obstacles I've been running into in Ontario with trying to invest in Crypto. I was considering a Defi-DAO but the impermanent divergence loss of smart contract liquidity pools makes me nervous(and it's so difficult to find any information on if the accruing trading fees are worth it "on average.") Of course, as does the asset volatility.

    WealthSimple has a Crypto app now but it doesn't even allow you to move any of it in or out of other wallets, like your own cold wallet or metamask. I'm so glad the Canadian ETFs aren't just futures and hold actual coins! This is the perfect solution for exposure and diversification without the headache of all the other issues.

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