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14 Crypto Youtubers That Shill Scams EXPOSED

14 Crypto Youtubers That Shill Scams EXPOSED

14 Crypto Youtubers That Shill Scams EXPOSED

Every day, millions of dollars are lost in worthless scam tokens. In today’s video I expose what I believe to be one of the biggest crypto scam shilling networks on youtube.

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  1. Thank you for all the work you do . You are like one in a milion
    how is this guy ? Scott Melker.he seems like a scammer but not sure

  2. What if a majority of big yt influencers work for one person, or they sponsored one way or another

  3. I am fairly new to the crypto space and have been subscribing to many different YouTube channels who talk about crypto on the daily. Luckily I have a pretty good radar on if something feels off. I recently just unsubscribed from bitboy crypto channel. While I don’t think he’s awful I just get a feeling I should not be listening to anything that guy says.

  4. Yada Crypto is one of the worst, he's shilling every one of these scammy BB clones farming for referrals

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